Fall Wedding in Sedalia, CO | Wedding Photography and Highlight Film


When I asked Michelle + Jason what the vision was for their Colorado wedding, they said ” Romantic, intimate, & whimsical. The day will be filled with love between the 2 of us, and our family and friends. I hope to capture the joy of that day.”

We got to capture all the joy, and they got to live that vision this past September! It was an intimate and stunning wedding, with just their closest loved ones on the grounds of a private residence in Sedalia, Colorado.

We started just as they were finishing getting ready and were able to capture the last few prep details. From there, it was time for the ceremony, where we captured the cutest flower girls EVER and one of the most gorgeous “bride walks” we’ve ever seen. Michelle was stunning and Jason lost it when he saw her, and when he said his vows, and maybe a little bit during the speeches😜!

We are so honored they trusted us to capture this important day! Their Wedding Photography and Highlight Film truly showcases the love, joy and authenticity of their day ❤️

Check out their full highlight film and a couple hundred of our favorite photos from the day! 🎬 📸