Echo Mountain Elegance | A Vibrant Wedding in Idaho Springs

Setting the Stage for Abby & Cody’s Big Day

Welcome to the story and visuals of Abby & Cody’s special day! Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, their micro wedding on Echo Mountain was nothing short of magical. The stage was set for a day filled with love, laughter, and breathtaking views. Abby & Cody chose Echo Mountain for its natural beauty and serene ambiance, creating the perfect backdrop for their vows and intimate celebration.

But, Let’s Go Back to the Begining

How Abby Met Cody: A Tale As Old As Time-ish

But really, their love story began at a friend’s party, where Abby and Cody were introduced. Amidst the laughter and music, a spark ignited, leading to a beautiful journey together.

The Proposal: A Moment to Remember

Cody planned a romantic proposal at the Gaylord of the Rockies, where he got down on one knee and asked Abby to be his forever. It was a moment filled with joy and tears, marking the beginning of their journey here.

Abbie + Codys



The Lure of Mountain Weddings

Mountain weddings have a unique charm, offering a blend of rustic elegance and natural splendor. The allure lies in the tranquility of the surroundings, making it a popular choice for couples seeking a mountain setting with close proximity to town.

Choosing Echo Mountain

Idaho Springs Hidden Gem

Finding a mountain Venue with views like this so close to Denver is pretty fantastic! Echo Mountain offers half and full-day packages so you can plan your day your way. You can find more info on the venue here.

The Big Day: Getting Ready

The Wedding Theme and Decor

Selecting the Perfect Color Palette

The Ceremony: An Intimate Affair

Echo Mountain’s Natural Beauty in Focus

The natural beauty of Echo Mountain was a photographer’s dream, providing a picturesque setting for every shot. The lush greenery and mountain vistas were captured beautifully, creating lasting memories.

The Reception: A Cozy Celebration

Intimate Reception Details

The reception was a cozy celebration with intimate details that added warmth and charm. Everything was thoughtfully arranged from the mountain decor to the gorgeous flowers Abbie’s Mom arranged to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Reflections on Abby & Cody’s Echo Mountain Magic

As we reflect on Abby and Cody’s vibrant wedding on Echo Mountain, it’s clear that their day was a perfect blend of elegance, fun, and natural beauty. Their celebration was a testament to the power of love and the magic of a well-planned micro-wedding.



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