Wedding at Red Rocks
When Jake proposed at a winery in Tampa, Dana was completely surprised!! Once the shock wore off and they started planning, they ...
Fall Maroon Bells Elopement | Elopement Photography and Highlight Films
Veronica and Tanner picked the perfect, peak Fall date for their 2021 Maroon Bells Elopement. BUT Colorado and the Bells, in usua...
Fall Wedding in Sedalia, CO | Wedding Photography and Highlight Film
When I asked Michelle + Jason what the vision was for their Colorado wedding, they said " Romantic, intimate, & whimsical. Th...
Colorful Colorado Wedding | Genesee, CO
Check out the best photos from Allison + Matts stunning Fall wedding in Golden, Colorado. Rich, Vibrant + authentic photography based in Colorado.

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Daniel & Catherine

Golden Sunset In The Valley, California

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