Your Guide to Planning a Breckenridge Colorado Elopement

An elopement in Breckenridge isn’t just about saying “I do” amidst a beautiful backdrop; it’s about crafting a moment that captures the feeling of your relationship in one of Colorado’s most convenient and stunning settings. With its pristine landscapes and welcoming atmosphere, Breckenridge offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and ambiance, making it an unparalleled destination for your special day. With its sweeping mountain vistas, historic Main Street, and crystal-clear alpine lakes, it is the essence of a convenient mountain escape.



Breckenridge’s allure lies not just in its scenic beauty, but in its ability to offer an elopement experience that feels both grand and intimate. The town’s rustic charm, combined with the majesty of the Rockies Tenmile Range, creates a unique backdrop for your special day. Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, Breckenridge provides a picturesque canvas that’s hard to find elsewhere. From the cobblestone streets lined with vibrant Victorian buildings to the expansive, untamed wilderness that surrounds the town, it presents a variety of settings for your ceremony, reception and any adventure you can plan. The town’s unique combination of outdoor adventure and quaint, small-town charm ensures your elopement will be both exhilarating and deeply personal. With the perfect blend of city and outdoor charm, Breckenridge is the perfect spot for small weddings, especially with parents and kids. Its accessibility combined with stunning views and activities for the masses, make it the perfect location. Let’s dive into why this mountain town is the ultimate “I do” destination for your intimate elopement or small wedding with the family.


The Magic of a Mountain Elopement

There’s an undeniable magic to exchanging vows against the backdrop of towering mountains and under the vast Colorado sky. The natural grandeur of Breckenridge elevates a simple ceremony to an extraordinary event, ensuring your moment of commitment is as breathtaking as the scenery around you. There’s a certain magic in exchanging vows surrounded by the majestic peaks and serene landscapes of the mountains. The Rockies are not just mountains, with their towering pines and alpine meadows, Breckenridge offers a sense of solitude and grandiosity that amplifies the intimacy of your elopement, creating a moment that feels as timeless as the mountains themselves.


The Legal Stuff: How to get your Marriage License in Colorado



To obtain your marriage certificate, simply schedule an appointment with at any Colorado county clerk’s office that is convenient for you. You don’t necessarily have to visit the office in the county where your wedding venue is located, but consider that some offices may be busier than others. Making an appointment in advance can save you time and hassle. Once your appointment is scheduled, fill out the online application if it’s available in that county. Also, remember to consider any holidays near your wedding date and plan accordingly for a smooth process.



Plan a stop at the County Clerk. Couples must appear in person at the County Clerk’s office with Proper ID to complete the application. Colorado has no waiting period, so you can get married the same day your license is issued. After presenting your IDs, you’ll swear your identity and pay the $30 fee by cash, check, or credit card. Your Colorado marriage license is then issued.


SIGN YOUR LICENSE on Your Wedding Day

Make sure to fill it out and sign in the correct spots. The only signatures required will be yours, your partner’s, and your officiant’s if you choose to have one. You’re not required to have a witness in Colorado, and you can also self-solemnize. Self-solemnizing is the ability for a couple to marry themselves without needing an officiant or witness. In Colorado, you can also choose to have your closest humans or even your dog serve as witnesses.



After the ceremony, return your marriage license to the same Colorado county clerk’s office where you filed. You have 35 days to sign it in the state and 65 days from your wedding date to return it. Just make sure it’s returned within this timeframe to avoid late fees. You can do this in person or by certified mail. You can also request certified copies for $1.25 each.

That’s it. You’re good to go! Just schedule your appointment and gather all required documents early to ensure a smooth process.

Choosing the Perfect Time of Year


Breckenridge Through the Seasons: A Month-by-Month Guide

Each season in Breckenridge offers its own unique allure. From the snow-capped wonderland of winter to the lush, wildflower-dotted landscapes of summer, choosing the right time for your elopement can significantly impact the vibe of your day. This guide will help you match the season to your vision, ensuring your elopement is everything you’ve dreamed of.

Pros and Cons of Eloping in Each Season

Winter brings a snowy fairytale setting, perfect for cozy, intimate ceremonies, while summer offers endless outdoor adventures against a backdrop of vibrant greenery and wildflowers. Fall dazzles with its fiery foliage, and spring with its fresh blooms and crisp air, though weather can be unpredictable in the Spring. Each season has unique charm and challenges, from navigating snowy paths to dealing with the bustling tourist season.

Plan for summer activities like paddle boarding, hiking, and biking in late June through September or early October. For winter activities, conditions are best from December through April.

  • JANUARY – average temp 31℉/19℉ ⇢ January is a great time to experience the winter wonderland in Breck. You should plan to check out the Snow Sculpture Championships at the end of the month.
  • FEBRUARY – average temp 31℉/19℉ ⇢ If you want a snowy, winter wonderland, now and March are the best times to plan for snow.
  • MARCH – average temp 38℉/25℉ ⇢ One of the snowiest months and a great time to plan your trip.
  • APRIL – average temp 43℉/30℉ ⇢ Snow will still be around, and temps will still be cold at night, but you can expect a slushy afternoon.
  • MAY – average temp 52℉/38℉ ⇢ Simply put, May is mud season. The snow is melting away, so you can expect muddy challenges on trails from the over 300″ of snow annually.
  • JUNE – average temp 66℉/50℉ ⇢ If you want to kick off the Summer in the Mountains, now is the time. The sun is out, rivers are rushing, and the trails are ready to explore.
  • JULY – average temp 72℉/56℉ ⇢ Wildflower season starts now! If 70s and sunny is your jam. You want July for your Breck elopement.
  • AUGUST – average temp 68℉/53℉ ⇢ August is busy for hiking and anyone trying to enjoy the last bit of Summer. It’s still a great time of year up in Breck.
  • SEPTEMBER – average temp 63℉/48℉ ⇢ Fall colors are starting to thrive, but so is the Fall tourist season for leaf peeping. Consider a weekday for a more private experience.
  • OCTOBER – average temp 50℉/37℉ ⇢ The leaves are usually gone by the end of the month, but the daytime temps are still lovely, and the town is quieter, making it the perfect time to escape to Breck.
  • NOVEMBER – average temp 39℉/28℉ ⇢ It’s a little quieter up here before the holidays, so planning a November wedding in the off season could work in your favor.
  • DECEMBER – average temp 31℉/19℉ ⇢ Snow starts in December, but it doesn’t usually get ramped up until later in the season. It’s still a fantastic time to elope over the holidays or New Year. It will be jam-packed with holiday crowds, so plan ahead of time.

See What Fall Has to Offer in Breckenridge and why it’s our Favorite Season

Selecting Your Perfect Elopement Location

Iconic Spots vs. Hidden Gems in Breckenridge for Your Ceremony

Sapphire Point Overlook to the secluded Spruce Creek Trail, Breckenridge is dotted with locations that cater to every couple’s dream. Iconic spots like Sapphire Point offer breathtaking views of the Dillon Reservoir against a backdrop of towering peaks, providing a stunning stage for your vows.  Whether you’re drawn to the iconic vistas at Sapphire Point Overlook or the secluded serenity of a hidden aspen grove, Breckenridge is filled with locations that can cater to every couple’s preferences. Balancing the accessibility of iconic spots with the intimacy of lesser-known locations allows you to find a venue that truly reflects your relationship. Don’t worry. We’ll help you find the perfect location for your small crew and help you navigate through the logistics of eloping in Breck!

Outdoor Venues: Mountains, Lakes, and Forests

The diverse landscape of Breckenridge presents a variety of outdoor venues for your elopement. Choose the majestic mountains for a high-altitude exchange of vows, opt for the tranquil shores of a mountain lake, or select a forest clearing carpeted with wildflowers. Each setting offers its unique ambiance, ensuring your ceremony is as personal as picturesque.

Breck has all of the Options for

Accommodations and Logistics

Hotels + Lodges
Camping + Glamping

Where to Stay: From Cozy Cabins to Luxurious Lodges

Breckenridge offers a diverse range of accommodations to suit every taste and budget. Opt for a cozy cabin tucked away in the woods for a private retreat, or choose a luxurious lodge with sweeping mountain views for an elevated experience. Many properties offer special elopement packages, providing everything from champagne on arrival to in-room couples massages, ensuring your stay is as romantic as it is comfortable. Breckenridge offers a range of accommodations, from rustic cabins nestled in the woods to luxurious lodges with panoramic mountain views. Consider what best suits your style: a private cabin for a secluded retreat or a lodge near Main Street for easy access to local amenities.


Crafting Your Elopement Team

Finding the Right Vendors: Photographers, Officiants, and More

Assembling a team of vendors who share your vision and understand the unique dynamics of an elopement is crucial. Look for photographers who capture the raw beauty of the landscape and your connection, officiants who can personalize your ceremony, and other professionals who specialize in creating intimate celebrations. Curating a team of vendors who understand your vision is crucial. Look for photographers who specialize in capturing the beauty of the outdoors, officiants who resonate with your personal story, and other experienced vendors who create intimate, memorable elopements.

Tips for Working with Local Vendors from Afar

When planning from afar, communication is key. Utilize video chats to connect with vendors, ask for portfolios and references, and consider a local wedding planner who can coordinate the details on the ground. Trust in these professionals to bring your vision to life, and trust your vendors’ local expertise. They can provide invaluable insights into making the most of your Breckenridge elopement.


Getting around Breckenridge: Transportation Tips for Your Elopement

Navigating Breckenridge is straightforward, thanks to its compact size and efficient public transportation system. Consider renting a car or jeep at the airport if you plan to explore remote ceremony locations or want to discover the area at your own pace. For a unique touch, look into horse-drawn carriage rides or shuttle services that can add a charming element to your elopement experience. Breckenridge is both walkable and well-served by public transportation. For your elopement, consider renting a vehicle to explore more remote locations or relying on local shuttle services to navigate the town. Planning your transportation in advance will ensure smooth logistics on your special day.

What to Wear on Your Big Day

Elopement Attire Ideas for All Seasons in Breckenridge

Your choice of attire should reflect both the season and your style. Think elegant layers, faux fur stoles, and thermal accessories for winter elopements to keep you warm against the snowy backdrop. Summer ceremonies require lighter fabrics and a pop of color to complement the natural scenery. Spring and fall offer the opportunity to play with accessories, such as boots or hats, blending comfort with style.

Packing Tips for a Mountain Wedding

Remember to pack for the unpredictable mountain weather. Bring layers for warmth, sturdy shoes for outdoor adventures, and perhaps a special accessory to personalize your look. Don’t forget practical items like sunscreen, insect repellent, and hydration packs to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Beyond your wedding attire, packing for a mountain elopement requires foresight. Include versatile layers to accommodate Colorado’s fluctuating temperatures, sturdy footwear for navigating rugged terrains, and sunscreen and insect repellent for outdoor adventures. Remember to pack a compact emergency kit with items like band-aids, sewing essentials, and stain remover to handle any last-minute hiccups gracefully.

Personalizing Your Ceremony

Unique Elopement Ideas to Make Your Day Memorable

Personalize your ceremony with elements that reflect your journey as a couple. Incorporate a special reading, exchange personal vows in a secluded spot, or plan a post-ceremony adventure, like a hike to a breathtaking vista or a private picnic by a mountain stream. These personal touches will make your elopement truly your own. Personalize your ceremony by incorporating elements that are meaningful to you as a couple. Exchange vows at sunrise for a truly intimate beginning to your new chapter, or plant a tree together as a symbol of your growing love. Consider incorporating local traditions or creating a time capsule with mementos from your elopement day to open on a future anniversary.


  • Consider Personalized Vow Books
  • Hand-fasting Ceremony
  • Whisky or Wine Ceremony
  • Have your Pups stand with you or sign the license
  • Read letters from family and friends
  • Pop some champagne

Romantic Dining IDEAS for Your Post-Elopement Celebration

Celebrate your union with an intimate dinner at one of Breckenridge’s many romantic dining spots. Choose from cozy mountain bistros serving gourmet cuisine, scenic outdoor patios offering farm-to-table dishes, or private dining experiences where you can toast to your future under the stars. Celebrate your union with a romantic dinner at one of Breckenridge’s acclaimed restaurants. Choose from cozy, fireside dining experiences, outdoor patios with mountain views, or private chef services for an intimate meal in your cabin or lodge.

Elopement Party Ideas: How to Celebrate in Style

For a post-elopement celebration, consider hosting a small gathering with your nearest and dearest at a local venue, enjoying a private champagne toast on a mountaintop, or planning a casual yet chic picnic in a secluded meadow. Whatever you choose, let it reflect your personalities and the joy of your special day.

After the I Do’s: Post-Elopement Checklist

Don’t forget to file your license at the county clerk

Change your last name on all of your accounts (if you are changing it)

License, Social Security, Work, Bank Accounts,
Social Media and Voter Registration

Return any rental items if the company does not provide pick-up

Return formal wear or have wedding dress and groom’s suit cleaned

Final Tips for a Stress-Free Elopement Experience

  • Plan Ahead, But Be Flexible: The mountains have a way of reminding us that nature is in charge. Weather can change quickly, so have a backup plan in place for your ceremony and photo locations.
  • Embrace the Local Culture: Take time to explore Breckenridge beyond your elopement ceremony. Whether it’s a hike in the surrounding wilderness, a visit to a local brewery, or a leisurely stroll down Main Street, immersing yourselves will enrich your experience.
  • Take a Moment to Reflect: Amid the excitement of planning and the joy of the day, take a moment to reflect on the significance of your elopement. This is a huge step in your journey together, a declaration of your love and commitment in one of the most beautiful settings in Colorado.

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